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                            Supercharged 2000 4.2L V6 5sp Mustang                                                                  2003 Mustang Mach 1
                                   373rwtq/392rwhp (438btq/461bhp)                                                                Induction Concepts Twin Turbo kit
                9.0:1 CR w/ TRW pistons and 351C rods, adapted IMRC' s,                                                   American MotorSport chip
             Vortech supercharger- 17psi with Vortech air-to-water aftercooler,                         Featured in Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, April 05 issue
                power pipe, modified upper intake, ported heads, JBA short headers                          
        211/217 cam w/ 1.73 RR's, 65mm TB, 03 Cobra tank and pump                                                 
  05 MAF w/ MAFia, 60# injectors, FMS 8.8 rear-end w/ Eaton posi & 3.55's 
    FMS Aluminum Driveshaft, SPEC Almuminum flywheel, Cobra brakes,
                     coil-overs, off-road X-pipe, King Cobra Clutch
                          American MotorSport Performance flash